About Us

The Convenience Network is a place-based digital media company with high definition video screens and social interactive marketing opportunities that engage millions of consumers inside high volume convenience stores, travel centers, and other retail locations. The network connects relevant clients with targeted consumers with great frequency at captive in-market locations where customers can’t change channels, skip ads, or avoid interaction.

The Convenience Network utilizes broadcast video commercials, in-content advertisements, sponsorships, social media and text message interaction to engage consumers near the point-of-sale in an unobtrusive setting where client commercials can provide an engaging call-to- action to active in-market consumers. Advertisements delivered via The Convenience Network are often perceived as a welcome source of information and entertainment.

The Convenience Network reaches and engages more consumers, more often than status-quo traditional media, and reaches them at priority times and locations while potential customers are in the marketplace, in the spending mindset, and making purchasing decisions.